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Save ON Energy is an energy conservation programs that aims to help home and business owners to transition into clean and energy-efficient lighting such as LED Lights. It is supported by Green Ontario Funds and offers great incentives and rebates for those who wish to convert to eco-friendly and cheaper way to light up their space. You can also get rebates and incentives for retrofitting your lights to LED, as well as simply changing and/or installing new lights in your home or place of business.

There are plenty of programs that are made for both small businesses, as well as big construction and renovation projects. The can benefit from retrofitting their lighting, or tackling small or large renovation plans to lower their hydro costs and carbon footprint. This program can also help incentivize the use of Energy Managers that can monitor and advise home and business owners on how they can minimize their energy expenses and maximize their rebates. Cash incentives and rebates are available through the government or your local hydro company.

You can also receive Capital Incentives when you choose or switch to LED Lightings. Whether you are going through a smaller project, or a high performance construction, you can get assistance with your energy conservation plans.

LED Lights Direct CA works with the incentive programs that are offered by SaveONEnergy to make the solution you need more beneficial and easy on the budget. We will help you check which programs will apply to you, and you can even get an incentive directly off of your bill. We make everything easy for you, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

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